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Sun/ Shade Loropetalum (lor-o-peta-lum) may be hard to say, but it sure is a pleasure to grow. This large, handsome shrub is a native of China and Japan, but it seems to be pretty happy growing here in the Southern states.

These shrubs prefer loose, well-drained, acid soil. Full sun to partial shade is needed for plants to maintain a full shape and bloom heavily. Some of the burgundy-leaved selections have high fertilization requirements and need lots of sun to retain their dark foliage.





Shade/ Sun : Pansies
These lightly scented flowers are available in a huge range of colors. The dark centers in some flowers are thought to resemble little faces. They grow only six to ten inches high and can spread up to ten to twelve inches across. They grow well in sun or semi-shade, and can tolerate cool weather.

Provide deep, weekly waterings to promote strong growth and good flowering.

Flowers bloom in late winter and spring in warm areas and in summer in cool zones. Bloom period is extended when faded flowers are removed regularly. Flowers can be cut to add to small bouquets or arrange in float bowls.

Pansies - Cold Weather Favorites

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